Protecting your information assets:

A cutting-edge, crucial need for sensitive businesses and individuals.

Our Protection Department studies, suggests and negotiates actions for Security of Electronic Operations (SEO) in all places (offices, homes, airplanes, boats, cars, etc ...) in France and abroad, as well as concrete Measures for Computer Security(MSC) in the same area.

It advises and assists in the acquisition of electronic security devices, digital or physical decontamination of your facility by specialized devices and equipment, for economic security and protection of information assets of sensitive companies and individuals.

In order to fulfill such objectives, we offer you the services of a most efficient firm that will study your specifications developed, with our help, if required, on the basis of your goal masterplan.

We advise you to request training best suited to your employees that you want to specialize or you want to update knowledge.

We can also audit the compliance of your equipment, or carry out penetration tests of electronic devices or computers.

These actions take place in the context of legislation and regulation standards, and we verify compliance with the rules of the art in this area.